Lifelong fascination

Brand - Our idea

Every BUBEN&ZORWEG object has the rare gift of not only protecting valuable possessions in their beauty and function, but at the same time exponentially increasing the perceived joy of their presentation. The result: FASCINATION

OUR CONVICTION: COURAGE. DEDICATION. PERFECTION. Only with courage, dedication and the demand for perfection can we create something unique. Courage to expand the scope of the possible and to enter new territory. Dedication to overcoming obstacles and turning bold ideas into reality. Demand for perfection to ensure the quality of genuine objects. Object by object, year by year.

Luxury rethought in the TAURUS by BUBEN&ZÖRWEG


Our formula consists of six principles.


The uniqueness of our objects results from the symbiosis of inspiring creativity, exceptional functionality and limitless individuality.

Inspiring creativity


Each of our objects is a work of art in design and form - a magical highlight in the most demanding living interior. And fascinates with invisible surprises, from secret storage to sophisticated opening and presentation mechanisms. 

Exceptional functionality


Each of our objects is characterized by German engineering excellence. With functional mergers that open up new dimensions. Technological pioneering achievements, certified high security systems, or futuristic details give our masterpieces their incomparable status

Limitless individuality


Each of our opbjects is a personal statement of its owner. Our customization options range from a wide variety of choices for interior and exterior to completely customized objects and individual design.

Cutting-edge technology, the use of the most exclusive materials as well as the finishing with German craftsmanship make our products true masterpieces.

Cutting-Edge technology


Each of our objects features technologies that not only have their finger on the pulse of time, but are ahead of their time. From unexpected movement mechanisms to the safest locking systems to our patented TIME MOVER® watch winder technology.

Most exclusive materials


Each of our objects lives from the aura of its exquisite materials. Precious woods from all over the world, finest leathers from small, specialized tanneries, valuable textiles and exquisite lacquers are combined in our manufactory to form a fascinating whole.

German craftsmanship


Each of our objects originates from the tradition and experience of German craftsmanship. Every detail bears witness to the uncompromising pursuit of perfection - from the polishing of the smallest screw to the ten coats of flawlessly deep high-gloss paint. Everything 100 % Made in Germany.

The global fascination

BUBEN&ZORWEG is a highly exclusive, globally active and award-winning luxury manufacturer with a special focus on exceptional time, storage and presentation objects. In our own factory in Pforzheim, near Stuttgart, in the neighbourhood of automotive premium brands, strictly limited small series and individual productions are created and manufactured by hand. BUBEN&ZORWEG caters specifically for the most discerning lovers of luxury goods in the world, from royalty, heads of state to captains of industry, music stars and top athletes.

The unexpected

The collections include multifunctional presentation objects, safes and built-in solutions, watch winders and custom-made products to display watches, jewelry and collectibles in private residences, penthouses, yachts and palaces around the world, in modern, traditional and royal settings. The masterpieces often simultaneously serve as humidors, bars, weather stations and music systems.

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Our special focus has always been on sensational, elegant design, creatively combined with top technology Made in Germany. The results are inspiring, incomparable objects that cause surprise and fascination in a world that believes it has already seen everything. 

Luxury at its best

In 2016 and 2018 BUBEN&ZORWEG was named by Ernst & Young as one of the 30 best German global luxury brand manufacturers alongside Montblanc, Porsche, A. Lange & Söhne, BMW and Leica. For selected masterpieces, BUBEN&ZORWEG has received the renowned German Design Award in 2017 and 2020, as well as the German Brand Award in 2017, 2018 and 2019 for its excellence in brand management. BUBEN&ZORWEG owns over 25 boutiques and in-shop boutiques and is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The presentation of the German Brand Award 2019

Fascination knows no boundaries, does not tire and will continue to mark significant milestones on our path. We look forward to constantly surprising and inspiring the world of luxury lifestyle with our ideas – expect the unexpected!


BUBEN&ZORWEG German Awards 2016-2020