This is the home of our world of new ideas and special creations.

The manufactory of BUBEN&ZORWEG is located where design and high-tech, craftsmanship and inventiveness have always gone hand in hand - near Stuttgart, in the heart of the German automotive industry.

Where unique masterpieces are created

This is the home of our world of new ideas and special creations. The design team, product developers, engineers and master craftsmen work closely together to make our customers' wishes come true. Everything comes together in one house, is networked in short distances, inspired by the task to create UNIQUE MASTERPIECES.  

Two designers come up with ideas for a new masterpiece.

With the courage to dare new things and to cross borders. With dedication to transfer our goals and visions into real fascination. With the striving for perfection that can be experienced with all senses.


We call them our brave heroes, the masters who work together in our manufactory to create unique masterpieces. Precious materials, bold ideas and the highest expectations in the pursuit of perfection demand people who have the courage, self-confidence and ability to achieve even the seemingly impossible. With an expert eye for detail and an incorruptible eye for the result. With a creative team spirit that is dedicated to meeting complex challenges.


At the end is the fascination that a new masterpiece evokes - even among those who work enthusiastically on it.