BUBEN&ZORWEG and BUGATTI, two globally unique design and technology icons, are embarking on a journey together to push boundaries, set new standards and celebrate their own definition of uniqueness.


Experience the Extraordinary

The first three editions of the collection are each limited to 30 pieces.

At BUGATTI’s headquarters in Molsheim BUBEN&ZORWEG CEO Florian vom Bruch and BUGATTI President Stephan Winkelmann officially sealed their new long-term partnership and took the opportunity to present the first objects  both companies had developed together. 

Aficionados of special design objects can look forward to “BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI” masterpieces, which embody the brand DNA of both extraordinary luxury manufacturers.  

Both worlds unite superlatives that are unparalleled. Both brands strive for the optimum in terms of highest technical finesse, unparalleled design quality and perfect craftsmanship precision. Condensed in the words of the founder Ettore Bugatti: “If comparable, it is no longer BUGATTI” and the corporate philosophy of BUBEN&ZORWEG, “Creating Unique Masterpieces”.

The “time factor” shapes the DNA of both brands. The Bugatti sports car Chiron celebrates the rush of speed. Timeless yet dynamic elegance characterises the masterpieces of BUBEN&ZORWEG. Honouring the new collaboration, objects which stand the test of times are created that even exceed the demands of the partnership: EXPERIENCE THE EXTRAORDINARY.

Experience the Extraordinary by BUBEN&ZORWEG and BUGATTI


Experience the Extraordinary by BUBEN&ZORWEG and BUGATTI

Art & Design

Perfectly shaped from every perspective. Finely crafted details reflect the iconic references of the unmistakable design language of both brands. With exciting contrasts of colours and materials, the legendary Bugatti design language (Horseshoe, Signature and Centre Line) is recreated in extraordinary masterpieces by the BUBEN&ZORWEG design team.

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Technical Perfection

Each creation is a technical feat. The objects of the BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI edition shine with surprise effects and fascinating technological details. An example of this is the Illusion model family as an exciting sculpture and a fascinating technical masterpiece in one. The Chiron-inspired masterpiece, crowned by a B&Z Tourbillon Clock in its most exclusive version, visually absorbs formative elements as a locking mechanism.

Experience the Extraordinary by BUBEN&ZORWEG and BUGATTI

True Craftsmanship

Unique multi-materiality meets consummate German craftsmanship. Hand-stitched elements, metal applications milled from an embarrassment of riches, and hand polished surfaces: these are just a few examples of craftsmanship perfection of the Limited Edition BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI.

Illusion Chiron 300+ and Grande Illusion Chiron 300+

The Grande Illusion Chiron is the most exciting eye-catcher of the BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI collection. A creation that reminds you of a sculpture, crowned by the unmistakeable B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon Clock.

The Grande Illusion Chiron lifts the valuables kept inside, such as your favourite watch, a necklace or the keys for the hyper sports car, from an embossed column.

Spirit Chiron 300+

Connoisseurs of the BUGATTI brand will recognise numerous details and design elements, such as the black carbon fibres, legendary horseshoe radiator and exciting two-tone contrasts, just completely true to the motto of the “BUBEN&ZORWEG for BUGATTI” cooperation: “Experience the Extraordinary”.


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