Multifunctional Masterpieces


Bold in design, progressive and timelessly elegant - our multifunctional centerpieces fascinate with their unique radiance. And their perfect performance in every detail.


B&Z Clocks

A magical fusion of function and emotion, in the centre of which precision clock movements from German manufacturers, such as our in-house ALPHA 01 PENDULUM WORLD TIME, attract attention.


Alpha 01

Redesigned without compromise, born of a passion for innovation. Manufactured with the know-how of our proprietary factory in Germany. A milestone for our company. And a strong impulse in the universe of unique luxury timepieces.

The precision of the ALPHA 01 outperforms every pendulum clock that has gone before it – a power reserve of 31 days, world time display, a thermally stable carbon pendulum and many gold-plated components.


Elegant and intelligent design language in the GRAND INFINITY.

B&Z Tourbillon

B&Z Tourbillons convince through their aesthetics and their contribution to the precision of large, fi xed calibres. More than just a highly attractive complication for watch enthusiasts, the design and construction of a tourbillon represents expertise and horological skill. The tourbillon permanently compensates for the effects of gravity on moving parts in the movement - particularly useful for large watches that are always exposed to gravity in the same way. For the friend of refi ned watch technology it is sensual pleasure.


Detailed image of the movement