The unique lifting mechanism of the X-007 fascinates again and again.
The fascination of the surprising: the object of art as a safe
Price from $257,000
The X-007 EXTREME is placed in a bright, modernly furnished room and creates an extraordinary atmosphere with its design inspired by James Bond.

In the search for the unexpected, for convincing innovations in safes, BUBEN&ZORWEG has created uniqueness with the X-007 a safe that nobody would identify as a safe. At first glance. When the owner then activates the opening mechanism and the contents rise from the massive block that stands in the room like an erratic work of art, visitors react with fascinated amazement.


The fascinating opening mechanism of the X-007 from BUBEN&ZÖRWEG

The surprise effect: Artwork turns out to be a safe

When the X-007 shows its true character. Brave to design a safe without doors. Fascinating when the result is so convincing.

Since it doesn't look like a safe at first glance, nobody suspects the expensive contents inside the X-007.

Disguise and strength

Where no safe is suspected, nobody thinks of valuable contents - disguise as security feature. At the same time, this masterpiece has been certified by the VdS as a strong, hard safe that only opens for those who have mastered the access code and touchpad.


The interior: adaptable

The accessibility from all sides of the interior in the X-007 offers optimal conditions for adapting the interior design to the owners' individual needs - for everything that requires reliable protection and impressive presentation.

Technical data


Housing and interior

  • Handmade housing in black high gloss lacquer with valuable inlays
  • Hand polished stainless steel applications
  • Finest finishing in German craftsmanship
  • Protected display housing behind a two-way mirror glass door
  • Universal presentation space
  • 2 drawers for storage (inserts of your choice)
  • 2 storage compartments on the sides
  • Latest LED light technology with fading function


  • Security class VdS II (German security certification)
  • Swiss electronic lock Paxos® with emergency crank in case of power failure
  • Unique lifting mechanism that brings out the interior of the safe
  • Patented safe wall construction with RELASTAN®.
  • 1246 x 798 x 665 mm (closed)(HxWxD)
  • 2046 x 798 x 665 mm (open)(HxWxD)
  • 580 kg
  • Power supply universal for Germany, United Kingdom, USA (100- 240 Volt)


Individual Masterpieces

At BUBEN&ZORWEG we believe in the power of uniqueness. In order to satisfy each and every one of our customers, we are happy to offer you a wide range of options for customization.



If you want to realise your own ideas for your unique masterpiece in terms of dimensions, materials, interior design and functions, the team at B&Z BESPOKE will be happy to take care of your wishes. All the way to the complete room solution.

Planning of individual solutions