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With our service we guarantee reliable functionality for all BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpieces - tailored to your personal wishes.

Product care


Only hand-picked, finest materials get the chance to contribute to the fascination that a masterpiece from BUBEN&ZORWEG evokes. And real masterpieces retain their beauty. With little maintenance - for a lifetime.


Our leather, for example: The hides are carefully selected, tanned in an environmentally friendly way according to the latest state of the art and processed by our master craftsmen with skilled craftsmanship. Finally, a thin special coating protects the leather from environmental influences and emphasizes its unique character.

In order to maintain this fascination, we recommend using our own care products.

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Precious woods

Or our precious woods, whose carefully selected grain under up to ten layers of lacquer unfolds its inspiring play of elegant nuances. We recommend: Less is more. A lint-free, damp cloth is sufficient. Glass surfaces retain their flawless shine with glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth.

Detailed image of the fine wood Hommage Walnut

In short: Reduced care to keep the fascinating flair of a BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece alive, for years and decades.

Winding specifications


Many passionate lovers of precious watches have three things at heart: the fascinating presentation of their treasures, their safekeeping and the functionality that keeps their exquisite calibres running for decades.

The TIME MOVER® skillfully reproduces the movement cycles of a watch worn on the wrist. The disadvantages of the standstill of an automatic watch are thus avoided - lubricants stay in flow, fascinating intricacies do not have to be readjusted - in the fascinating ambience of a masterpiece by BUBEN&ZORWEG. 
Attractively placed in the right light and surrounded by innovative security technology.

The SPIRIT from B&Z - an exclusive watch winder with TIME MOVER® technology

Lifelong service


The fascination of a masterpiece by BUBEN&ZORWEG is very dear to us. This is what we live for - and this is why we have established a worldwide customer service network. Questions about innovative technology, functionality, problems: We are always personally there for you. In word and deed.

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Warranty & Club

B&Z Club

Every BUBEN&ZORWEG masterpiece enjoys a comprehensive 2-year warranty. With the registration of your new masterpieces in the B&Z Club the warranty will extend to a 5-year full warranty. In addition, our club members receive exclusive first-hand information, invitations to exclusive events and other information from the fascinating world of BUBEN&ZÖRWEG before anyone else. Good reasons to register for the club.

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