Absolute beauty and perfection!

July 23, 2019

Horses are a symbol of boundless strength and unrestrained freedom! They are probably the most beautiful and graceful animals on earth and an embodiment of perfect elegance and proud attitude. Each of her movements is supported by balance, equilibrium and dignity.

Unique masterpieces

This special essence is also embodied by the masterpieces from BUBEN&ZÖRWEG, in which they unite the fascinating clarity of contours and the incomparable aura of precious materials in a unique way. Each masterpiece embodies the timeless beauty and subtle nonchalance that resembles the natural elegance of the horse.

Elegant and intelligent design language in the GRAND INFINITY.

Reining is one of the nine disciplines of western riding, which some consider to be the counterpart of classical "dressage riding". It is the only Western riding discipline recognised by the FEI, the International Equestrian Federation, and has its origins in the working movements of horses and riders in cattle driving.

Corinna Schumacher is an enthusiastic rider, European champion in Western riding and wife of the seven-time German Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher. As the owner of the prestigious CS Ranch, she skilfully developed it into the largest and most modern private reining facility in Switzerland and was the host of the SVAG FEI Reining World Championship for young riders and the SVAG FEI European Reining Championship for experienced riders from July 9th to 13th. BUBEN&ZÖRWEG is proud to have again supported these two highly prestigious sporting events in 2019.

A female rider on a brown horse at the Reining World Championship 2019

And like all highly qualified professionals involved in creating a masterpiece by BUBEN&ZÖRWEG, the riders and horses participating in the SVAG FEI European and World Reining Championships have a common goal every time: absolute beauty and perfection!