February 19, 2020

The jury has decided: GRANDE ILLUSION DELUXE by BUBEN&ZORWEG received the most important German Design Award in the category “Excellent Product Design, Luxury Goods”.

The award ceremony of the German Design Award 2020 took place on 7 February 2020 as part of the Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt am Main. More than 1,600 international guests attended the highly prestigious design event and celebrated the winners – including the luxury brand manufacturer BUBEN&ZORWEG with their GRANDE ILLUSION DELUXE.

The GRANDE ILLUSION DELUXE is a sculpture-like creation inspired by the famous Clock Tower in Dubai and built as an edition of only 75 pieces. The 215 kg safe surprises by the fact that it glides elegantly upwards with its contents after unlocking, which can only be done by a biometric fingerprint sensor or transponder chip.

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The GRANDE ILLUSION DELUXE lifts the valuables stored inside, such as your favourite watch, a jewel necklace or the keys for your sports car from an embossed column, which is masterfully covered with fine leather and alcantara.

The progressive masterpiece is crowned by a fine timepiece with the unmistakable BUBEN&ZORWEG Signature Clock.

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The 39-member jury of leading German and international designers and design experts  expressed their support for their decision for the GRANDE ILLUSION DELUXE by  BUBEN&ZORWEG this way: “Immediately visible to the outside world, the solid oval column appears to be a work of art and hides its precious content that, if desired, captures the gaze in a majestic manner. A clever combination of craftsmanship, materials and modern technology.”

“The ‘GERMAN DESIGN AWARD’ is a leading forum for ground-breaking product design of our time – it makes us incredibly proud that we were able to convince the demanding jury in Frankfurt with our masterpieces for the second time,” said Florian vom Bruch, CEO of BUBEN&ZORWEG.

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