ILLUSION - a masterpiece on a world tour

September 24, 2019

BUBEN&ZÖRWEG calls it a masterpiece and this word describes exactly what ILLUSION stands for!

Looking at the towering silhouette of the ILLUSION, one can discover a fascinating and unusual design, that combines innovative top technology with a selection of first class materials.

Some people think of the illusion as a piece of modern design, but it has a hidden purpose that most viewers will not immediately recognize. A purpose that may seem like an unexpected illusion that plays with all the senses.

Fast and flexible - the ILLUSION

As is so often the case in everyday life, there are cases where you want to protect certain treasures - watches, jewellery, accessories or perhaps documents or cash - without having to go to the big safe. On the desk, in the dressing room or as an eye-catcher in the living room - it fits in perfectly. Until the ILLUSION is unlocked by fingerprint or a transponder chip and a hidden safe elegantly and as if by magic lifts itself up and presents its contents.

With the ILLUSION, BUBEN&ZÖRWEG's passion for innovative design finds clear expression in many details - such as in the drawers, which swing outwards to the side to allow a view of their contents. And what if you want to swap your favourite watch during the day? No problem: Two or, preferably, four watch winders with the proven TIME MOVER® technology in the table safe make it easy to choose the right one.

Since its introduction, the ILLUSION has been represented at the most prestigious and exclusive exhibitions in the world. On this veritable world tour, the masterpiece will now be exhibited from 15 to 17 October at the world-renowned SIAR, the "Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria" in Mexico City. From this first-class reference point for haute horlogerie events in America, ILLUSION will then travel to Düsseldorf, Germany, where the newly launched Watchtime Düsseldorf exhibition  will take place from October 25 to 27.