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August 18, 2020

Sports World Magazine Interview with CEO Florian vom Bruch.

SWM is very happy to collaborate in the increasing market of luxury safes and bespoke security masterpieces with the iconic reference in the market, the German manufacturer and pioneer BUBEN&ZORWEG. We are glad to follow our mission to work with the best players in the respective fields and welcome BUBEN&ZORWEG to the SWM family. We have spoken with their CEO Florian vom Bruch about the product highlights and services of BUBEN&ZORWEG and the impressive craftsmanship behind the masterpieces.


Florian vom Bruch, welcome to the SWM family. And it is indeed a nice coincidence that you have played semi-professional in your youth and during your studies before you started your business career and now have strong ties again back to the football network.

Florian vom Bruch:
It is our pleasure to partner with SWM. We are very excited to meet your inspiring network, so brothers in mind in terms of dedication and obsession to quality and outperformance in their respective field, and helping new clients fulfilling their wishes regarding extraordinary objects to secure and present valuable collections. And yes I do have this football background which started as for so many kids in Germany quite early in the age of 6 and became more and more the first part of my life with training every day. It was a fantastic time which taught me a lot of lessons and most importantly sensitised me on how important team culture and a winning team spirit is to be successful.

What is your product collection about – in terms of the regular collection and also the possibilities of bespoke objects as we have heard a lot about some unique pieces?

Florian vom Bruch:
Our regular masterpiece collection includes a curated range of multifunctional presentation objects, safes and built-in safe solutions, and watch winders. Each with various selection options in terms of size, function, material and colour to display watches, jewellery and collectables in private residences, penthouses, yachts and palaces around the world. And for those who love to fully deep dive into
creating a truly one-off masterpiece we offer the Bespoke Manufacturing Process with our dedicated B&Z Bespoke team who guides the client through the different stages of the process. You can compare this pretty much with bespoke architectural projects (houses, apartments) or truly bespoke furniture, cars or yachts. It is always a real gift to see afterwards a finished object, wall, garage, office or collector room where our clients can enjoy and re-energise on a much higher level than before.

What makes your safes stand out in the market?

Florian vom Bruch:
Our special focus has always been on extraordinary, elegant design, creatively combined with top technology Made in Germany. The results are inspiring, incomparable objects that cause surprise and fascination in a world that believes it has already seen everything. We also fully live our brand idea, if you call it like this, with the safe products. The base of a safe, like it is already transferred by its name, is the security aspect. And there are quite some essential parts you should consider when buying a safe. One is indeed the certification system which rates the safe for the insurance coverage. And behind the certification system lies the technology and construction of the safe (safe walls, door, lock, weight, fixation options etc.). However the technology and security aspect is in our eyes just one half of the pitch. It is nothing worth when you do not like the safe from a design, material and finishing perspective. Our safes stand out in bespoke interiors as attractive eye-catchers thanks to their superior design, material concept and their unparalleled craftsmanship with focusing on literally every detail like hand polishing of the smallest screw to the ten coats of flawlessly deep high gloss paint for the interior drawers.

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