July 22, 2021

Dima Ovtcharov starts collaboration with BUBEN&ZORWEG

Dima Ovtcharov is one of the best table tennis players in the world and a great ambassador of the sports world.  In 2018 he celebrated the most important year of his career when he achieved the number 1 position of the table tennis world ranking. In the last 20 years, only three European players have managed to top the world ranking as number 1.


Besides that, he is a four-time Olympic medal winner with heroic triumphs at the Olympics in Peking 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016. The long list of his successes also contains being World Cup Winner, European Champion and 5 x Champions League Winner.

In search of an adequate high-security safe, Dima discovered BUBEN&ZORWEG and engaged himself in the philosophy and the history of the brand. What attracted Dima to the brand was the commonly shared passion for perfect craftsmanship and mastery as well as the fascination for safes with infinite individualisation possibilities that, up to then, were considered impossible.

After a conversation of getting to know each other, BUBEN&ZORWEG CEO Florian vom Bruch invited him to visit the BUBEN&ZORWEG manufactory, located near Stuttgart, to personally discover the world of the most extraordinary, luxurious and suspense-creating safes.

Dima was immediately impressed by the holistically artistic craftsmanship philosophy and the mastery each of the master craftsmen put into every single step and component, with devotion and passion, to craft unique masterpieces.


Dima’s eye rested especially on the ORION safe – the Iconic Masterpiece line within the BUBEN&ZORWEG SAFE COLLECTION.

The beauty of the ORION has many aspects: Colours can be individually selected for leather and seams, and numerous functions and options can be customized for the safe interior. The ORION offers the optimal preconditions to make it a personal masterpiece.


Dima already had a very clear idea of how he wanted to set up his safe. He wanted his ORION to have a modern and elegant look, full of finesse. Extremely elegant and yet classic, providing a graceful and prominent place to rest his Olympic medals.


In close cooperation with the BUBEN&ZORWEG Bespoke Team, Dima contributed his ideas about designing a tailor-made drawer to perfectly store and celebrate his Olympic medal collection.


An intense iterative process started, to design and craft the bespoke drawer. Even the smallest details like the presentation angle of the medals, lightning, and storage of the medal loop were mastered with passion. Additionally, Dima designed his own ORION by carefully selecting from multiple exterior leather colour options and seams as well as the interior fitting such as watch winder, drawer fronts and inserts.


Impressed by the attention and love for details, the high impact of manual craftsmanship and the likeness to his own bespoke journey, Dima enjoyed the first moments he saw his unique ORION.


In the course of his Bespoke experience, Dima had created his personal and unique masterpiece.

A bespoke ORION XL in Nappa Blue, with blue seams, 8 watch winders, Ebony Grigio drawer fronts and two tailor-made drawers for his Olympic medal collection.